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Charge Card Manager Certification Program

At the 2017 forum, A/OPCs had the opportunity to earn a "Charge Card Manager Certification" (CCMC) designation by completing the required coursework offered through the annual GSA SmartPay Training Forum and by possessing actual "hands-on" experience in managing a card program and in dealing with cardholders and managers. Use of this certification program is intended to help customer agencies ensure their card management personnel have the fundamental training and experience needed to manage a card program. Click here to access the corresponding Smart Bulletin that provides details about how the certification was obtained. And, click here to review FAQs about the certification. Please note that the 2017 CCMC SmartPay Bulletin and FAQs were updated on July 20, 2017.

To retrieve your Charge Card Managers Certification for the 2017 GSA SmartPay Training Forum, please click here.